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Laser welding machine safety upgrade: fine needles, good use

Laser welding machine safety upgrade: fine needles, good use...

Laser technology is one of the four great inventions in the 20th century with atomic energy, semiconductors and computers. It has a very wide range of applications in the manufacturing industry, especially in the national economy, such as automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, aviation, metallurgy, and machinery manufacturing. Using the characteristics of laser beam interaction with materials, the material can be cut, welded, surface treated, drilled, and micro-machined.

As an advanced manufacturing technology, laser processing is used to improve product quality, labor productivity, automation, non-pollution, and reduce material consumption. More and more important role.

Laser welding is a very mature application in many laser technologies. It irradiates the laser beam with high energy density onto the two parts of the material and melts it locally, then cools and solidifies.

Due to its small heat-affected zone, rapid heat concentration, and low thermal stress, laser welding shows unique advantages in machinery, electronics, batteries, aerospace, instrumentation, and other industries. It has become a competitive industry in the precision machining industry. Processing means.

At the same time, due to the high laser intensity, both ionizing radiation and stimulated radiation will cause serious damage to the operator; in addition to the laser head multidimensional linkage device and multi-station turntable configured on the entire laser welding equipment, a laser Welding machine safety risks can not be overlooked.



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