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Automatic Ultrasonic Vapor-phase Cleaning Machine


Automatic Ultrasonic Vapor-phase Cleaning Machine



All stainless steel structure, built-in oil-water separator liquid heating and automatic constant temperature, external chiller, or air-conditioning unit, solvent recovery and regeneration, make the cleaning agent long-term clean, with automatic liquid level control, rapid cooling and drying, convenient drainage, dual protection device, automatic Reset function.

The vapor phase cleaning system has an independent solvent recovery tank, which automatically replenishes the clean distillation solvent in the rinsing tank and uses the solvent repeatedly to reduce the cost. Applicable to the removal of grease, polishing wax and dirt from electronic parts, hardware, stamping parts and precision mechanical parts, bearings.

1, with a separate cold water system, effectively prevent solvent evaporation.

2. Set the level security control system to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

3. Set up a solvent filtration system to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

4, set the solvent heating and automatic constant temperature system, constant temperature range of 20 °C -90 °C (adjustable)

5, automatic rehydration system is easy to use.

6, according to need, can configure the robot arm operating system.

This machine is mainly used for cleaning rosin on electronic components and circuit boards, grease on precision mechanical parts, and dirt on the watch case, and has the characteristics of quick washing and drying.

This machine has the following features:

1, hot soaking wash

2, ultrasonic cleaning

3, steam wash

4, distillation recovery

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