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Auto-Screwdriving Machine


Auto-Screwdriving Machine



Can be applied to a variety of operations, with a compact structure, easy operation and so on;

Fast speed, maximum speed up to 600mm/sec;

High precision: Repeated position accuracy can reach ± 0.02mm;

Heavy negative: Table load up to 10kg, Z axis load up to 5kg

Light weight: desktop equipment can be achieved <50KG;

Easy to operate: Supports all Chinese teaching editions and allows for visual programming;

The robot program supports a variety of functions and can form a variety of automated systems at a low cost.

for example:

Dispensing: Develop control procedures suitable for point-of-sale operations;

Can set a variety of audio-visual conditions;

Can complete the dispensing, arc, line and other trajectories;

Screw assembly: equipped with screw assembly special program;

Can be set a variety of screw assembly conditions, feeder, pitch and so on.

Visual inspection: Can be applied to PCB and other fields;

PCB cutting: When cutting, it can prevent PCB from cracking and damage.

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