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Small High-precision Plane Lapping and Polishing Machine


Small High-precision Plane Lapping and Polishing Machine


The main purpose:

Widely used in optical crystal glass, optical fiber, mold, light guide plate, valve, hydraulic seals, stainless steel and other materials, a single mirror polishing.

working principle:

1. The polishing machine is a precision grinding and polishing machine. The polished material is placed on the grinding plate. The grinding plate rotates counterclockwise. The correction belt autosensing the workpiece. The gravity pressurizes the workpiece and presses the workpiece and the grinding plate to run frictionally. To achieve the purpose of grinding and polishing.


1. The polishing machine is characterized by the use of a flexible and high-strength polishing pad to perform planar polishing of the workpiece. The polishing effect obtained by this method is very satisfactory. After polishing, the surface brightness of the workpiece is high without any scratches, no twills, no pockmarks, no collapse, and high flatness. The surface roughness of the workpiece after polishing can reach Ra0.002; the flatness can be controlled within the range of plus and minus 0.002mm.

2. Pressurization of workpieces is performed by pressurizing the workpieces of the series grinders;

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