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Automatic Labeling Machine


Automatic Labeling Machine

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Automatic Labeler Features:

High-speed labeling, high stability, high-speed, stable, accurate handling of labeling tasks using a rotating multi-function display, the operator can operate and control the machine according to the menu and prompt information;

Support multi-angle labeling, with various interfaces for convenient integration in a variety of systems; machine performance is reliable and stable in line with industrial-grade dustproof and waterproof requirements, no shutdown cleaning, clean and environmentally friendly environment.

Automatic Labeler Parameters:

Sticker speed: up to 40m/min;

Stripping speed: +/- 0.5min;

Label strip width: 10-110mm;

Label peeling length range: 5-600min;

The maximum storage capacity of the label: 300mm;

With automatic leak-proof label;

Ability to store multiple labeling tasks compatible with NPN/PNP sensors;

Standard serial port, network port, USB interface;

A variety of sensor interfaces for labeling objects: unopened flat carton, unglued cardboard, paper bags, etc.;

Pager speed: frequency conversion stepless speed, high-speed automatic paging 60-300/minute;

Optional accessories: Unqualified carton reject device;

Automatic receiving device: pager separate counting down source source 


Weight: 63kg

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