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Full-enclosed Cleaning Machine


Full-enclosed Cleaning Machine



The use of water-based lotion spray cleaning degreasing, shower rinsing, compressed air cutting water, remove debris debris, oil and other debris left in the manufacturing process. Spraying is an all-around spray cleaning of up, down, left, and right sides, minimizing the blind area for spraying, achieving better cleaning results and a wider range of use. The separate design of spray and de-oiling not only has the best degreasing effect, but also does not reduce the spray pressure of spray pump to achieve the best spray effect. With cleaning quality, high cleaning efficiency, good quality consistency, stable operation, energy saving and space saving. According to the needs of different customers increase, reduce the cleaning tank to meet the needs of different products.

Process flow:       

Feeding - degreasing high-pressure spray cleaning - pump spray cleaning - self-spray cleaning - compressed air cutting - discharge

Application range:

Can be widely used in metal, non-metal, ceramics, glass, plastics and other materials of dirt cleaning.

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