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Automatic HDMI Connector Assembly Equipment


Automatic HDMI Connector Assembly Equipment


Equipment performance:

The machine is stable in operation, with a defect rate of less than 3% and high production efficiency.

Fully automatic, capacity 30-40PCS/Min
Equipment special requirements parameters:
1. Yade passenger pneumatic components, robots using SMC,
2. Japan's Mitsubishi or Omron PLC, the control interface is Delta's color screen interface, Japan's Keyence fiber optics, electrical parts use Chint or equivalent.
3. The positioning and sliding parts are made of SKD11 steel or ASP60 (heat-treated) and hard chrome plated.
4. The machine plate, the mounting frame adopts 45 # hard chromium plated rust prevention.
5. Provide consumables drawings (two sets of wearing parts) / circuit wiring diagram / operating instructions 1 / machine operation and maintenance.
6. Mechanism electroplating, spray paint to beautify the appearance of equipment.

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