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Ceramic Chip Capacitor Testing Machine


Ceramic Chip Capacitor Testing Machine


Equipment features and workflow:

The device adopts 8-station design, compact structure and beautiful appearance, convenient operation, the equipment automatically selects to switch materials, and the performance tests to the product sorting. At the end of the work, the remaining products on the equipment are automatically cleared to facilitate the next use. Mainly test the leakage current and capacitance on both sides of the product, and can sort according to the set measurement range. It can be designed according to user requirements to adapt to different measurement products.

work process:

Station 1 Loading> Station 2 Charging> Station 3 Leakage Current Measurement> Station 4 Discharge> Station 5 Capacitance Measurement> Station 6 Selection Capacitor

Measured NG products > Station 7 Sorted Leakage Current Measurement NG products > Station 8 Sorted OK measurement products.


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