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Silver Testing Machine


Silver Testing Machine


Equipment features and workflow:

This equipment is used for the performance test of piezoelectric ceramics, testing the capacitance bandwidth and other parameters of ceramic wafers. The testing method is different from the traditional testing equipment. The traditional testing method is the rotational switching test, so only one product can be tested at any time. It is a self-developed test method. The measurement of capacitance and bandwidth of all products is completely simultaneous, so our equipment will not reduce the measurement speed due to the increase of measured products.

The machine design is compact, compact, fast, and user-friendly. Different test machines and working methods are designed according to different test products of users.

work process:

Station 1 reclaiming> station 2 product positioning> station 3 capacitance test> station 4 bandwidth test> station 5 product sorting> station 6 debris cleaning.

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